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Jeff D. Mansell



Over the past 50 years, the Mansell name is synonymous with real estate and politics in Utah.  Jeff Mansell has provided commanding leadership throughout the diverse business portfolio of Boardwalk Industries over the past 29 years.

Jeff has the depth of service and discipline in this industry that only a few hold.  This expertise is well seen as Jeff navigated Boardwalk through the economic downturn of 2009. Jeff is a master of the development business from the ground up. Focusing on land acquisition, entitlement of properties, and the construction process.  Jeff is responsible for building and closing on hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate.  Jeff takes extreme pride and demands the timely delivery and budget of Boardwalk’s success.

Jeff donates countless hours and financial resources to his religion and community. He and his family’s charitable contributions are well recognized.   He is married, has 5 children, and lives in Sandy, Utah.


Chad J. Anderson



Chad Anderson drives the creative vision for Boardwalk Industries.  Chad is an expert at identifying niche markets that are under-served that generate higher returns.  Chad has mastered the crossroads of design and affordability. He leads the team to bring best-of-class designs and plans to the market.  Chad’s creative process has been time tested and the results have been shown in increased profitability.

Chad is the founder and Co-Chair of the Be an Angel charity, which assists local families who have a child with a catastrophic illness.  The charity has been successful since 2011.  Countless families are benefited through the six major events held annually.

Chad is an accomplished author. He has been published three times. “The Great Money Grab” is a real estate strategy and investment book.  This book is well received, and Chad has donated all the profits to his charity.

Chad received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Utah in Finance.

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